Instant Everything, Constant Nothing

by Untied States

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On UNTIED STATES' forthcoming LP, Instant Everything, Constant Nothing, core songwriters Colin Arnstein and Skip Engelbrecht have reined in some of the eccentricities of their past albums only to spin out into brand new territories. The album exhibits a new sonic clarity and focus, courtesy of new member/engineer/bass Darren Tablan, who brought the two out of the house and into a large-scale studio, exposing them to a new palette of sounds while providing a keen guidance to their onslaught of ideas. The contrast that once existed between their driving songs and out-there soundscapes has been replaced by a new fabric, where these very different sides of songwriting are now interwoven and overlaid instead of seamed together at their ends. New rhythm recruit- drummer Satchel Mallon (who appears on the record) helps to bring all of it to live audiences and undoubtedly to intriguing new places.


released April 13, 2010

Colin Arnstein: vocals, guitar
Skip Engelbrecht: guitar
Darren Tablan: bass, engineer
Satchel Mallon: drums
(c) Untied States under exclusive licence to Distile Records



all rights reserved


Untied States Atlanta, Georgia

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Track Name: Gorilla The Bull
A vast decay
Is wasting the crown
My majesty just dulls me out
And doles me out with the pennies
I couldn’t scream too loud
Through haze

Wake me,
From this caustic stun
I’ll live it down in days,
Wake me,
From this caustic stun

These bastards bank
on blank disregard
We’re filling in the blanks for them
Now thanks to them we’re all cuckolds
We couldn’t scream too loud

So walk me
From this bastion of
And Irony
And strike it clear from the memory
I couldn’t scream too loud
Through haze

Gorilla the bull
You have to take control
Track Name: Not fences, Mere Masks
I’ve made my bed
But I can’t lie in it
It hurts to force
A piece that doesn’t fit

Pray tonight,
That the path that is laid here before us
Doesn’t form us
Or inter us

I walk this fence,
En route to permanence
But cannot trump
The urgent need to jump

Pray tonight
That the path that is here before us
Doesn’t form us
Or inter us
Lately I
Want to trade out the home for the forest
And the richest
for the poorest

Why’s our escape so high
And ominous?

We don these masks
Of an upright human class
But can’t escape
The trappings of the ape
All of us

All of us

Why does it feel like time
Swallows us?

Why’s our escape so high
And ominous?
Track Name: Unsilvered Mirrors
The first glance had me
Now I’m drowning
Colored offering
Now I’m suffering

Oh how the eyes betray
Undelivered quantities

Caught in the grasp of your
Fashioned tendrils
A plunge that appeared vast,
Left me palsied

Oh how the eyes betray,
Undelivered quantities

Has replaced
Defined framework
I rested my laurels on fables

My windows are decaying,
Unsilvered mirrors

Thoughts are not facts
Track Name: Grey Tangerines
Millions of people
Up in the air
Everyone’s watching
Nobody cares

Well, I’m a nobody
But I’m on your screen
Being somebody
Replacing your dreams

But I am just a servant
On a midget scheme
I’ve shown you everything
And simultaneously
Told you nothing

Millions of people

I need a cue card
Just to maintain
Nothing that’s said here
Holds any weight

Making it certain
Re-doing takes
While my understudy
Is cutting the cake

Yet I am still a servant
In a dreaded dream
Can’t get the pulp I need
From grey tangerines
I need some substance
I need a substance
Track Name: These Dead Birds
It’s not too poignant to point out that we both are all alone
And you’re a moving target I’d like to hit more than just once
It’s not so easily done when you’re always falling from my grip

Broken eyes
Change the subject
Flipped like light switch
Turning off
What read “passionate”
Now reads “poisonous”
It’s funny what the light can do

You’re not some dog-eared missing address postcard waiting to get mailed
But you keep picking up these dead birds and polishing them up…
For what?

First you’re cooing,
Now you’re crying,
In the shower,
Washing off
While I lay here
Biting your comforter
Separated by one thin wall
Track Name: Take Time For Always
Your arms are a thousand bees,
That sting with accuracy,
Your eyes,
A mangled theme,
Playing incessantly
You’re a parasite, ite-ite-ite
You’re a parasite, ite-ite-ite
Give me any any any any cause
I’ll need an amni amni amni amniocentesis please

Take Time For Always

Her arms are a cushioned seat,
Measured democracy,
The eyes,
A boring plead,
Of brown-grey-yellow streaks
a stalagmite-mite-mite-mite
a stalagmite-mite-mite-mite
Catching any any any cause
I need a para para para paradigm shift

Take time for always…
Track Name: Bye Bye Bi-Polar
Bye-Bye Bi-Polar,
You’re a mirage of a two-headed snake,
Your stake,
Has to be claimed,
By tearing a hole in the back of the soul of the ones that you know you can’t frame

Your parts destroy you,
When they resolve,
Like those tectonic plates,
That break,
From their own weight
And the ones that you fear are the ones that are near and the ones that you don’t far away

Hello dementia,
You’re a sublime,
Irresistible feat,
Your beat,
Plays in repeat
And everything, everything, everything, everything, everything falls in between

Where does the East meet West?
Or just the opposite…
Why is your worst our best?
Then we go mingling them
Well, I’m gonna learn from it

We had a pact of pests
Then you go and mangle it
Well, I’m gonna run from it
I’m gonna run from it
Track Name: Wrestling With Entropy in the Rehabbed Factory
Well they rented their loft apartments,
And they wrestled with entropy,
So assured that their living was gritty,
In the rehabbed factory,
But they’re blind to the ironies

And the halls that once screamed with machinery,
Now reek with ennui,
And the only remembrance a placard,
That reminds us when cotton was king,
And it calls to me,
And it controls me

Went to the basement,
Shuffled through the dirt,
My lamenting,
Went to the office,
Saw her in a chair
Said: I’m the ghost,
Of your demise

They relinquished their loft apartments,
Turned ‘em back into factories,
Now they’re toiling away for subsistence
In the place of their former dwelling
And it’s humbling

But they should worship the shackles that bind them,
For the lesson that they teach
You can paint on any face that you want to,
But you can’t cloak history,
It’s circulatory…
Track Name: Delusions Are Grander
Verse 1:
Rain again,
Washed off bandages,
Hold, holding on
By the seams

Call, calling out,
Propped out battlefronts,
Roll, rolling out
on a cart

Critical medicine for reticent pestilence
No more calls to home

On a scheme
Had the potential of
Cold gasoline
Upon a spark of a dream,
It either catches lit,
Or it douses it
And dies

Verse 2:
Reign it in
With disillusion,
Pulling down
On the strings

Sixteen symphonies
Play in tandem
And I’m
Pouring blood on the scene
Track Name: Holding Up Walls
Holding up walls,
Thwarting inevitable erosion
Passioned eyes,
Foiling the next cold explosion

So…let me make it safe
Let me be ok
Let me make it safe
So. …let me make it safe

We’re only made of canvas
draped in oil paint
And harnessed here
In lumped display

So please
Don’t touch us
For I fear
You will render us real

We’re only made of canvas
draped in oil paint
And harnessed here
In lumped display

We’re only made of canvas
draped in oil paint
And harnessed here
In lumped display
Track Name: Kowtow Great Equalizer
A golden goose,
That’s got us noosed
And I’ve been taken along

When yesterdays impossible
Is now today’s
Ubiquitous nuisance
And I can’t use it
And I can’t use it


My stomach’s full insatiably yearns
We are never fully dined
With every piece of fodder digested burned
Feed our never ending minds
I get diminishing returns turns turns turns
We will never wait our turn

Instant everything
Constant nothing

And heaven knows,
When power goes,
We’ll curse the gods,
We found in ones and zeros

We’re born from stars
Returned to earth
And have real worth
That needs no replenishment
That needs no replenishment


My stomach’s full insatiably yearns
We are never fully dined
With every piece of fodder digested burned
Feed our never ending minds
I get diminishing returns turns turns turns
We will never wait our turn